3 Ways to Add a Little Woo-Woo to Your Holiday

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I love a good family gathering just as much as the next person, but let’s face it, sometimes our good ol’ family traditions get a little bland and predictable. No more lackluster holidays over at my house! This holiday season I’m determined to top off our family celebration with a few sprinkles of woo-woo. Here are a few fun suggestions on how you can spice up your holiday.

Gratitude Journal
Thanksgiving is a time to remember all the things you’re grateful for. I’m a big fan of gratitude journals and thought incorporating this practice into our holiday festivities would be the perfect exercise for the whole family.

Make it fun by inviting your family members to write a few things they’re grateful for on separate pieces of paper and placing them in a box. One by one, go around the table and have your guests try to guess who wrote what. This is a fun way to bond and reconnect with family members and I’m sure it’ll also bring about a lot of laughter and memorable moments.

Flying Wish Paper
If you haven’t seen flying wish paper in action, you’re missing out my friend! There’s nothing better than writing your intentions out on a piece of paper and watching it fly up to the sky. This is absolutely one of my favorite exercises to do with a group of people. Everyone really enjoys thinking about their individual dreams and aspirations. Sharing in a positive manifestation activity together can heighten the energy in the room instantaneously. This is another great way to connect with loved ones during the holiday. You can check out Flying Wish Paper here.

Sky Lanterns
Just like Flying Wish Paper, sky lanterns have a similar premise. Many people use them to write messages of well wishes for loved ones, intentions for the future or things they are grateful for. You then light the lantern and watch as it fly’s up towards the sky. I always find myself sharing special moments with friends and family when sky lanterns are involved. You’ll either need tissues to wipe your tears or a camera to record your uncontrollable laughter. Amazon has some cool options available here.

Get a little creative this year and try introducing something new into your holiday. Creating new traditions while continuing to honor your old one’s will make for a fun and exciting time with those you love.

Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday full of love, laughter and prosperity!


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