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Unlock the keys to spiritual and holistic business success by bursting through self-limitations & adopting real soul-aligned strategies that work. Join me as I discuss my favorite ways to build businesses, release mindset blocks and empower soul-based women to follow their calling.

Episode 13

The Power of an Effective Brand Identity and Its Impact on Your Lightworking Success

Brand design expert, Katie Seitzer shares her expertise on how holistic, wellness, and spiritual business owners can successfully create and launch their brands stress-free. Let go of perfection and finally allow your brand to grow alongside you. In this episode, Katie reveals what successful brands really focus on and the best ways to leverage your visibility! Hear her tips for aligning your visuals, message and tone with your true authentic self for ultimate success.

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Episode Highlights

Brand Messaging and Tone

Creating an Authentic Brand

Identity Crisis in Branding

Generating Brand Awareness

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