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So, you’ve worked hard to come up with a killer business concept that lights your soul on fire. You started a few social accounts, got your website up and you’re ready to rock and roll… The only thing holding you back is that nobody seems to know how awesome your business is because they haven’t found you yet? If only you could get in front of the right people, you know you could transform their lives!

Yep! Been there. One of the hardest parts of building a business is solidifying your influence in your industry and creating a buzz about your offerings. The key to gaining authority in your niche is to narrow the scope a little.

You see, when we first build our business, we tend to see the bigger picture or end result. Sometimes we fail to think about the stairsteps in between that help us get from where we’re currently at to where we intend to be. This alone can cause disconnection in our marketing, content and relationship building efforts.

If I had to do it all over again, this is what I would tell myself:
1. Relationships are more important than having the perfect website, branding or program.
2. Nobody cares about all the features in your offerings. They want to know how they’ll benefit from spending money with you.
3. Don’t try to be the social media queen! Mastering one social platform and growing an audience will make it easier to scale to other platforms down the line.

The biggest lesson is to keep at it! The more you put yourself out there and make yourself visible, the more traction you’ll gain, the more connections you’ll make, the more influence you’ll have! Let’s supercharge your visibility and release the mindset gremlins that hold you back! Book your FREE call with me today and we’ll walk through the next steps for your business success! http://thelightworkinggroup.bookafy.com/



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