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You know that 😠 irritation, anxiety, frustration, and sharpness you feel when you’re completely DONE? When you’re so in alignment with your calling that you just don’t care anymore what other people think about what you do. When you can’t even imagine going into that job you don’t feel valued at another day. That point when you’re over feeling obligated to do things that just don’t serve you anymore?

Yeah, we’ve all been there. We’ve had that burst of “I just can’t… I just won’t… I’m done for real this time” energy. It feels good in the moment and we have every intention of changing our circumstances so that we can live our best life. Then, reality sinks in. The thought of all those bills we have to pay get us nervous. The realization of coming out to our friends and family about our business and the reactions you face set in. The idea of taking uncomfortable risks to follow our dreams shake us to the core. And suddenly, we’re back to accepting the life we built for ourselves instead of following our dreams. 😔

Many Lightworkers beat themselves up for this back and forth emotional rollercoaster ride they go through. I often coach my clients through this phase and help them to see the beauty in the process. The reality is that you do have to have a plan, you will have to deal with reactions and you will have to be ready to take risks, but that doesn’t happen overnight.

🤜 Every time you go through one of these “I’m done” moments, you are gaining more clarity on what you want, building more boundaries on what you will accept, understanding the parts of your life that don’t work for you any longer. All of this builds the strength and perseverance needed for building a successful business. 💪

And when that final day comes… The last day you say to yourself “TRULY, I’m done with this”, you will break the chains of stuckness! Nothing will be able to hold you back! There will be no cost greater than your freedom to build the life and business you desire most. I’m ready to help you transition from “I’M SO DONE” to “I’VE FINALLY DONE IT”! Book your FREE alignment and expansion call and let’s co-create your business with spirit! https://thelightworkinggroup.bookafy.com/


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