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Yesterday I finally took the plunge and got some new promotional photos taken. It had been a few years since I’d done this and I was desperately in need of some images that spoke my brands’ language. A lot can be said about your business through imagery. Believe it or not, some clients may look at your photos before even reading a single line of copy. Here are the 7 tips I used when planning my photoshoot. Follow these and you’re sure to end up with some phenomenal photos that support your magical brand.
  1. Know what you want – Make sure you’re clear on your vision and the message you want your photos to portray. Be clear with your photographer on your vision and message to ensure he/she feels comfortable that they can capture your idea.
  2. Have a plan for your photo usageDo you know where you’ll be using your photos? Social media, website, eBooks, advertisements or all of the above? Make sure you know exactly how you intend to use these photos and share this with your photographer so they are clear on what type of angles, backdrops and lighting should be utilized for your usage needs.
  3. Do your homeworkMake sure you research photo styles you like and ideas that represent your vision before your shoot. Email this to your photographer so they have a reference and can begin putting together the perfect setting for you.
  4. Do you need props? If you plan to utilize props during your shoot, don’t assume that your photographer already has what you need. Make sure to gather props and bring them to the shoot to ensure you have everything you need and your vision can come to life.
  5. Plan the perfect locationAre you dreaming of an outdoor shoot with tall grass and butterflies? If you’ve dreamt up the perfect location in your mind, but have no idea where to go in your local area, do a little scouting. The setting is everything!
  6. Are you model ready? Take a few outfits and make sure you try on them on before your shoot. There’s nothing worse than feeling less than your best on the day of your shoot. Make sure you take multiple outfits to ensure you have a few looks to choose from and you feel good about yourself on your photo day.
  7. Speak the language of your audience You are selling a lifestyle through photos, not your business. Make sure you have images that speak to the lifestyle benefits of customers working with you. For example, if you are a manifestation coach, maybe you have images in front of your dream car.
The key is to do as much prep work as possible before the day of the shoot so that you feel your absolute best on the day of. Make sure your communication with your chosen photographer is clear and they completely understand your needs! Let’s take your brand to the next level and make your business bountiful this year. Apply to work with me today: http://thelightworkinggroup.bookafy.com


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