Mindfulness in the Mainstream World

by Oct 8, 2017Health and Wellness, Meditation, Self-Development0 comments

I remember years ago when meditation was considered odd. It was just looked at as something the “hippies” did. I’ve been extremely lucky to see first hand how the things that were just a regular part of my daily life have become more accepted in the mainstream world.

For example, I recently walked into my local neighborhood pharmacy and saw Time Magazine had released a special edition publication on Mindfulness. I remember saying very clearly in my mind with a smile on my face “What the hell?” It was like my younger self felt liberated from secretly having to browse the New Age section of my local bookstore just to find a book on meditation.

It makes me so excited to see those who once would’ve been turned off by the idea of mindfulness, essential oils and reiki now running as fast as they can to their nearest alternative healing practitioner. The world is opening up to the idea of self-awareness and healing through alternative means.

Personally, I think we have the millennials to thank for this new resurgence and media focused interest in the holistic and wellness fields. No matter your personal thoughts on the millennials in the workplace, personally I’ve seen a big uptick in younger clients and their interest in being the best they can be.

Mindfulness, essential oils, energy healing and life coaching are just a few services that are becoming part of peoples regular routines. Just as regular as getting their nails, hair, and massages done. I’m excited to see all the positivity surrounding our industry and can’t wait to see how our world continues to embrace the new.

If you’re ready to make mindfulness part of your routine, I’ve got a great book, workbook, and tracker that can help you kickstart your mindfulness journey! Check it out!


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